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About Paul aka I've been in the IT business since, well, a long time. I also spend lots of time providing support to friends and family. Now that I've decided to step down from corporate IT, those same friends and family have urged me to use my IT skills as part of a new local business. Why? Because they say that I am one of a rare breed that includes reliable car mechanics and builders. To help explain why I'll tell you want I don't do: I don't talk technobabble. For many home computer users the problem is partly about knowing what to do, as well as knowing the best way to do something. PCs are bewildering and there's usually many ways of getting something done. I take the time to talk to you to understand what it is you want to do, and then to explain, in plain English, the best options to do this. I don't resell hardware and software so, unlike the computer superstores which will say anything to make a sale, I'm not motivated to lead you towards any specific solution because "there's something in it for me". If there is a need to purchase additional stuff then we do this together. I don't make any commission on these deals and am not motivated to make you buy anything that isn't in your best interests. I don't do hardware repairs. I'm very happy to help you to isolate hardware faults from software faults as sometimes it isn't clear what the underlying problem is. Together we can discuss and agree sensible upgrade options such as additional memory or larger disks. But if the kit has to go back to the manufacturer (let's make sure there is a warranty repair option before paying someone) or into a local repair shop then it's best that you use a reputable local hardware support agent for this. Finally if I am unable to help you then I’ll let you know and I won’t charge you. There's no way that small companies should claim to be able to do everything. So for no fix there's no fee.


For a standard web presence of 4-5 pages the fee is £100 + VAT plus any agreed costs for website name registration and web hosting. For all other activities the fee is £25 + VAT per hour or part hour subject to the no fix, no fee agreement.

Some Background

My background is an IT consultant and project manager and this includes designing and managing large and small IT networks. As I have worked for Her Majesty's Government I have received security clearance.  The vetting process for SC clearance includes (see here): Checking identity documents and employment/education references. Checks against UK criminal and security records. A credit reference check.
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