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Do you need help ... ... with your computers and network?
If you are a home user or small business and you need help with your PCs and network, whether this is to help fix some problems or maybe to replace or upgrade old equipment, and you want a relaxed and informal service in your own home then I can help. It is an unpleasant fact that our IT systems and networks have a lifespan that is measured in just a few years. This is due, in part, to the natural decay of modern technology. Just think about washing machines and dishwashers. Are these deliberately designed to fail after two years? Mine always seem to. It’s also due to the relentless pressure applied by the manufacturers to upgrade to the latest equipment.  For example Microsoft XP is an excellent operating system. Yet Microsoft will withdraw support for this from early 2014 meaning it will no longer receive patches to protect against security attacks thus pretty well forcing everyone to upgrade. And the latest software demands ever faster and smarter PCs to run on. So if your PCs and networks aren’t as sprightly as they once were then a Health Check is a good place to start. This alone can result in improvement in performance as it can identify simple remedies such as removal of unused software, a de-clutter of busy disk systems, removal of viruses and other alien intruders, and updates to the latest drivers and software to improve performance. A Health Check can also identify upgrades that can also bring a big improvement in performance. The simplest of these is a memory upgrade, which typically costs £20-£30 or the addition of a bigger disk which is typically less than £50. Going further than this needs careful thought as the upgrade costs can easily reach a point where they begin to match the costs of a complete replacement system. Keep Pareto’s principle in mind at all times - “80% of your gains in improvement will come from the first 20% of the cost outlay” - so it isn’t wise to spend too much on upgrades. A Health Check also helps you to understand how best to replace your PCs and networks. This could be because you know your stuff is out-of-date, or you want to extend your network to improve internet performance, or add extra PCs to the network as your children need to have a dedicated PC and good internet access to support their school studies, or you want to transfer all of your music and photo collections onto a shared place where all of the family can easily view these, including Aunty Mabel in Australia. Whatever the reason is, I can help by listening to you to understand exactly what it is you want to do, and then working with you to identify and implement a sensible and cost effective way to do this.
Mr Webman
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