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Do you need help ... ... with your digital photos, music and video collections?
If you want to transfer your music, photo or video collections onto your PC and then share these with your family and friends but you’re not sure on the best way to go about it, or If you’ve already started your digital library and need help to take it to the next level, then I can help.


Here my favoured player on PC is iTunes although I also use Microsoft Media Player. With iTunes it’s very easy (and free) to:   Copy CDs to iTunes on your PC. Play music on a large screen TV, either displaying the album art or using the iTunes Vizualizer graphics that “swoop and pulse with the music”. Synchronise iTunes on your PC with IPod, iPad and iPhone. Synchronise iTunes on your PC with Android smart phones. Play your PC music library remotely across the internet. But there’s a dark side to iTunes on PC. It is very easy to get into a mess with the libraries, ending up with music spread all over your PC. It’s also equally easy to sort this mess out.


If you’ve transferred some or all of your photos onto your PC then you can get the best out of your library by applying some easy tricks. Apply dates to your photos in batches using free tools so that you can view them in chronological order. Apply GPS tags to your photos in batches using free tools so that you can view your photos on a world map. Apply free automated face recognition tools so that you can index your photos by person. Use free panorama, photo fuse and photo fix tools to enhance your photos. Share you photos with family and friends across the internet. Display your photos on your large screen TV.


Transfer DVDs and iPhone or Android smart phone videos to PC Edit PC video files use free editing tools. Repair poor quality video files. Display your videos on your large screen TV.


Once you’ve transferred your digital media collections onto your PCs then a secure backup system is essential. But which one? We can talk through the merits or otherwise of storing you library on an external disc, or a network disk or using of of the many cloud options that are now available, often costing nothing at all. In fact it is very likely that you have a free cloud backup allowance included as part of your internet package.

Mobile Phones

If you use your Android or iPhone as an extension to your PC and network then you can easily synchronise your emails, contacts, documents and tasks across several PCs and mobile phones. You’ll also need to be careful about your passwords especially if you use your PC and phones to perform mobile banking and other financial transactions. There are free “password vaults” that you can use to securely share your passwords across your various PCs and mobile phones.
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